Obama taps Bain guy to head National Economic Council

In case you were under the impression that Barack Obama meant a single word he said on the campaign trail, you should know that he just tapped a management consultant who worked for the evil Bain Capital – that sinister band of corporate pirates who supposedly get their jollies by making hapless low-level employees walk the plank, and whose hellspawned master, Captain Mitt “Deadeye” Romney, can give your wife cancer just by looking at her – to head up his National Economic Council.

The gentleman in question, Jeff Zients, “made his $100-million-plus fortune in the early 2000s overseeing a company that advises companies on government regulations and business strategy,” according to the Daily Caller.  That’s awesome, because if there’s one thing America needs right now, it’s economic leadership from someone who raked in eight figures of profit by teaching productive companies how to deal with our crushing regulatory burden.

Naturally, Obama’s faithful lapdogs in the usual press outlets tried not to report on the Bain connection, since the President’s supporters are already rather stressed-out and confused from weeks of being urged into a war of choice by the Unicorn Prince.  Also, they’re still trying to digest a Vladimir Putin op-ed that read like half a dozen old Obama speeches rolled into a club and used to beat the President senseless.  They probably can’t handle any more confusing information right now.