Rep. Alan Grayson (D) Hails “Stealth Socialism, Gets Smacked Around By His GOP Challenger

Rep. Alan Grayson (D) Hails “Stealth Socialism, Gets Smacked Around By His GOP Challenger

By was just about to post something on Alan Grayson’s “Stealth Socialism,” but stopped myself after I saw Jorge Bonilla’s release on the very matter. He sums it up quite well, no need for my input. 

Here it is-

 In an interview recently published by Salon, Congressman Alan Grayson admits that “Stealth socialism has been created”. In so doing, Mr. Grayson has accepted full ownership of his role in the unmitigated economic disaster of the past five years. 

 Mr. Grayson touts current monetary policy as providing a baseline for recovery, yet fails to notice that current job creation does not keep up with population growth, and that labor participation continues to crater (312,000 alone dropped out of the labor force last month).

The fact is that with his votes for Obamacare, the stimulus and anti-business Dodd-Frank legislation, Mr. Grayson is jointly responsible for this administration’s abysmal failure to create jobs or improve the economy.

 Perhaps Mr. Grayson can explain the benefits of his “stealth socialsm” to those whose hours have been recently cut, who have lost jobs or who have been dropped from their health care coverage due to the onerous mandates that he voted for. Many of the people hurt by his votes live in our neighborhoods and communities- such as those recently affected at SeaWorld and Walgreens.

 Mr. Grayson goes further and asserts that he “scares the crap out of” House Republicans.. That’s big talk from a guy that refused our debate challenge (which, by the way, remains open). 

 As Americans, we must continue to champion small business creation, which is the true engine of our economy and its  recovery, as well as continue our efforts to repeal Obamacare, and promote true healthcare reform.

In addition, we must continue to oppose President Obama’s job-and-economy-killing policies that Mr. Grayson is content to champion.(Source)

 We can do better. We must do better. We will do better.

-Jorge Bonilla