As Obama Falters, the More Hypocritical, Ugly and Divisive He Gets

Just days ago Barack Obama was calling for Washington to act with “decency and common purpose.”

Yet, today, his senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer had the following to say to Jake Tapper on CNN.

White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer likened House Republicans to suicide bombers, kidnappers and arsonists in a single interview on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Obama himself is accusing the GOP of “blackmail.”

President Barack Obama accused Republicans of trying to “blackmail a president” by threatening to shut down the government or default on the nation’s debt if he doesn’t agree to block implementation of Obamacare.

At the same time, Democrats as a whole are basically beating the same ugly drum, comparing Republicans who simply want to try and contain government spending as kidnappers and hostage takers. Obama’s so called “new tone” has shamefully degenerated into some of the nastiest and most divisive rhetoric Washington has ever seen.

Making things even worse, Obama has weakly reached out to genuine American enemies and terrorists from Syria to Iran, only to be ignored and even rebuffed. With his second term unraveling, a flailing Obama seems to be showing America a hypocritical, reprehensible and decidedly ugly side of himself and his politics most Americans will likely reject.

According to MSNBC, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said there was “Not enough time” when it came to shaking hands with Barack Obama; however, he seems to have had plenty of time to meet with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, instead.

In fact, he doesn’t even seem to know who America’s true enemies really are at this point.


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