Rubio's Conservatism Still Ranks High, Even As He Continues To Drop in Polls

The former rising star and darling of the Tea Party movement, Senator Marco Rubio, who was once considered to be the next Ronald Reagan, has plummeted in the latest polls, since he self-inflicted immigration reform wound be caused earlier this year.

Rubio’s support of a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants, gave credibility to liberal Democratic Senators Dick Durbin, and Chuck Schumer, as well as President Barack Obama, who have all been pushing for amnesty for the millions of illegal immigrants already residing in the U.S.

The recent Democratic-leaning poll conducted by Public Policy Polling, has Rubio with a 51 percent disapproval rating, and only 43 percent of voters surveyed, approve of  his work in the U.S. Senate.

But while it may seem as if the political fat lady is singing the end of Rubio’s short, yet promising career in U.S. politics, it is still too early to know if Rubio’s position in support of a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants has already torpedoed any chances he may have had in the 2016 Republican Presidential primary.

 Speaking of 2016, Rubio has also dropped significantly in all of the recent national polls conducting to gauge potential Republican Presidential candidates. With sources saying that Rubio is considering writing another book, it is a safe bet to make that he’s gearing up for 2016, and doesn’t  believe that his current drop in popularity will affect his possible Republican Presidential candidacy.

But don’t count the Outback Steakhouse loving and Football aficionado Senator from Florida out of the game, yet. While Rubio is still getting pummeled on immigration, his conservative bona fides are intact.

The current Heritage Action ‘Scorecard’ rates Rubio among the most conservative legislators in the nation. Although Rubio has dropped in Heritage’s national ranking to 46th, in Florida, he ranks third only to freshman Representatives Ron DeSantis (R) and Trey Radel (R).