Throwing a confederate flag on the veterans' play

In response to So about that ‘Confederate Flag’:

It’s a wonder they haven’t digitally edited the Confederate flag right off the roof of the General Lee in “Dukes of Hazzard” reruns.  Imagine that: a generation ago, one of the most popular shows on TV had its heroes tooling around in a car named after Lee, with a Confederate flag on the roof.  Somewhere between then and now, it seems to have been reprogrammed into a universal, non-negotiable symbol of racism.

Who knows what was going through the head of the guy waving that flag?  Would anyone be terribly surprised to learn he was an Obama for America… er, excuse me, “Organizing for Action” operative?  Whatever the case may turn out to be, it’s hilarious to watch cameras zoom in on him and exclude the rest of the demonstrators.  Just a year ago, we were sternly instructed to ignore every kook and crook at the Occupy protests because they were all uninvited party-crashers who in no way reflected on the rest of the movement.  Even when Occupiers were firing shots at the White House, it was no big deal, just a random fringe weirdo looking to hijack the movement, they can’t be responsible for everyone who pitches a tent at their illegal squats.

But one person waves a Confederate flag, and suddenly the sea of patriotic veterans around him fades into a blurry background image, while nobody in the MSM seems to find it curious that an impoverished “shut down” government was able to send an army of riot-control personnel out to meet them… or that the same government provided Port-a-Potties and picked up trash when the illegal aliens they claim they cannot detect or control turned out for a big rally.  

There’s a lot coming out of this Administration that Americans should be furious about.  Isolated Confederate-flag-wavers are far, far down the list of concerns.