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ObamaCare Navigator in Kansas Has Outstanding Arrest Warrant


The Daily Caller has a rather disturbing story up about a woman with an outstanding warrant for her arrest, who  is currently serving as an ObamaCare navigator in Lawrence Kansas.

Rosilyn Wells — the Director of Outreach and Enrollment for the Heartland Community Health-care Center (HCHC) – is “the only full-time Affordable Care Act navigator in Lawrence,” according to the Lawrence Journal-World.

Wells works as an “outreach and enrollment assister” for a division within the Department of Health and Human Services called Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).  

A press release for HRSA says its programs “complement and align with other federal efforts, such as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services-funded Navigator program.” Her work involves enrolling people in the Affordable Care Act and helping them understand their choices, and it entails the same access to sensitive financial and health information as a navigator — leading observers to define “assister” as another name for “navigator.”

The Lawrence Journal World has featured Wells in several news stories, always describing her as an Affordable Care Act navigator.

Wells’s financial history includes “a bankruptcy in 2003, a 2007 civil charge from a local check cashing business called Midwest Checkrite for writing a bad check, being more than $1700 behind on her state tax bill, and having an outstanding arrest warrant in nearby Shawnee County.” 

Lawrence Kansas  is about a 40 minute drive from Kansas City and is home to the University of Kansas. This story has been covered in The Salinas Post and the Lawrence Journal World linked to the Daily Caller story, but so far, the Kansas City Star has yet to mention the controversy on its website.


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