Alan Grayson Accuses Martin Bashir of 'Collaborating' With The Tea Party (Video)

Rep. Alan Grayson (D., Fla.) made the accusation Friday afternoon on Martin Bashir after he defended his use of flaming cross imagery comparing the KKK to the Tea Party in a fundraising email.

Even race-baiter Martin Bashir found the imagery to be a bit much, and questioned the appropriateness of comparing the KKK’s heinous crimes to the tea party, when no members of the Tea Party have perpetrated murders or lynchings.

He prefaced this, of course, with a gracious caveat: “We have some sympathy for your analysis given that over the last 5 years *we’ve witnessed plenty of instances of racial hatred toward the president whether it’s the revolting Rush Limbaugh, the imbecile Sarah Palin, or Tea Party supporters spewing their racist hate (???) at various rallies. But how can you possibly compare racist epithets with the racist actions of the KKK that actually led to racist murders.”

Grayson calmly and patiently explained  that the home of racism and bigotry in America today is the tea party, much like in the past the home of racism and bigotry was the KKK, and added that he was pleased that we have not yet seen any murders committed by tea party racists.

But he had a tough sell with Bashir, who was determined to have the less obnoxious point of view on his show, today. For this reason, he was accused of being a {{{tea party collaborator.}}}

 Video via The Washington Free Beacon:


 *I would really love to hear some examples of the racial hatred Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin have allegedly exhibited over the past five years, and the “racist hate” spewed at Tea Parties. I suspect that the evidence would be highly subjective, and merely examples of conservatives criticizing a black president.

A video of the entire clip can be viewed, here.