Man Walks Into Hospital With 10 Inch Knife Buried in Skull

Man Walks Into Hospital With 10 Inch Knife Buried in Skull

In the wake of a prank gone terribly wrong, a Chinese man walked calmly into a hospital, sat quietly in an examination room and awaited treatment – with a 10 inch fruit knife embedded in his brain.

Ho Lung entered his local A&E at Yanji in Jilin province in northeast China and said to the staff: “I’d like to see a doctor please.” Medics said that Lung was so calm that the receptionist initially believed it was some sort of stunt until she got a better look at the potentially life-threatening injury. X-rays showed that the knife penetrated his skull into his brain but missed the main blood vessels, allowing doctors to remove the blade without causing any significant damage in an operation that took three hours.

After the surgery, his head was bandaged and Lung asked if he could go home. Doctors allowed him to discharge himself, handed him his fruit knife and he left, but not before promising medics he would return for a check-up. 

When doctor’s asked him how the knife ended up in his head, Lung said, “It’s like this, I was playing a silly game my friend and it went wrong and I ended up with a knife in the head. It was just a silly mistake and it could have happened to anybody.”


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