What a depressing poll

In response to Poll: 71% of Voters Believe Obama Knew Premiums Would Skyrocket For Some Americans:

Only 71 percent?  Man, that’s depressing.  That means 29 percent are still gullible enough to think this is all a big surprise to the people who wrote a gazillion dollars of superfluous mandated benefits, plus “grandfather” rules tight enough to choke out every insurance policy that so much as twitches.

Let me explain this to the 29 percent: not only was this known to Obama and his crew, it was deliberate.  This was supposed to happen.  They had tons of data about existing insurance plans.  They knew quite well that most of them wouldn’t measure up to ObamaCare standards.  Who in their right minds would voluntarily offer, or purchase, a plan encrusted with such expensive barnacles as maternity coverage for men, or substance abuse coverage for people with no history of substance abuse?

The Administration was very quietly dribbling studies into the Federal Register, as far back as 2010, that said half the insurance plans in America would die.  Senate Democrats voted in unison to protect those “grandfather” restrictions two years ago when Republicans, led by Sen. Charles Grassley, accurately predicted everything that’s happening right now.

Obama knew this was coming.  He wanted it so badly that he didn’t really care if the exchanges were going to fail on launch, adding hundreds of millions in state money – I see the Virginia exchange is still non-functional – to $500 million wasted federal dollars.  His main priority was to terminate existing insurance plans and drive up premiums, creating an insatiable demand for the subsidies that will polish off the last vestiges of middle-class independence.  Nothing else was important.  

And while the President’s defenders are having a string of hair-pulling days in editorial rooms, and flop-sweat evenings in TV studios, he can sleep easily knowing that none of it really matters, as long as the American people don’t rise up in historic numbers and give the Republicans veto-proof control of Congress.  If 29 percent are still bamboozled enough to see Obama as a wide-eyed little lamb who really, truly, cross-his-heart thought we’d all be able to keep our insurance plans when he was making all those crazy promises, we’re not there yet.