GOP Rep: Ezekiel Emanuel is the Future of Gov't Health Care

If you thought Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel’s “mostly false” performance on Fox News Sunday was bad, you would not be alone–but you had better get used to it, says one GOP lawmaker: Dr. Ezekiel is the future of Obamacare.

Rep. John Fleming, M.D. (R-LA), who appeared on CNN’s State of the Union Oct. 27 with Dr. Emanuel, calls his comments on health care “extremely false or grossly misleading. He [also] interrupts people, he jumps in there to advance what is really a lot of dishonest rhetoric on Obamacare,” Fleming told Breitbart News.

Fleming notes that bullying the interviewer is Dr. Ezekiel’s standard operating procedure. “He did the same with Megyn Kelly, too, on Fox News,” he notes, pouncing on her suggestion that President Barack Obama had lied when he promised Americans that no one would have to give up their insurance for Obamacare.

“Dr. Ezekiel represents the nexus between academia and the political world,” Fleming observes. “This guy’s controversial, he’s said some controversial things about bioethics, about end-of-life care.” (Dr. Emanuel’s support for expert rationing of certain health care treatments once fueled speculation about “death panels.”)

“This is the guy who will be making health decisions about your future,” Fleming said, referring to Dr. Emanuel’s role as Obamcare’s “architect.” 

“He made a statement in our discussion [on CNN] about how great Romneycare is in Massachusetts, when in fact it has the highest costs in the nation and half of primary care doctors will not take new patients. He says there’s not a doctor shortage? Everyone knows there’s a doctor shortage, and it’s going to get worse.”

“These are the kinds of painfully distorted answers he offers–and in the end you have to be a good citizen and do what you’re told, that it’s not our job to take care of you.”