@MyCancellation Twitter Account Keeps Getting Suspended

In response to Introducing MyCancellation.com – An ObamaCare Website That Actually Works:

The Twitter account for the new Tumblr, MyCancellation.com has been suspended several times since launching, last week. 

MyCancellation.com collects health insurance cancellation notices and stories from some of Obamacare’s millions of victims. 

The Twitter account had over 1,000 followers when Twitter suspended it for the first time, on Friday. The account was reinstated but suspended again, Saturday night, reappearing later that night.

Briefly Monday morning, @MyCancellation (which has swelled to 5,214 followers as of this writing) was suspended yet again. 

It appears that leftists on Twitter have organized to shut down speech that is critical of ObamaCare.

What was it Andrew Breitbart used to call folks who do this type of thing? Oh yeah. “Totalitarian freaks.”


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