Super-creepy Orwellian hijinks at the ObamaCare help line

ObamaCare is a hideous disaster that can’t sell many insurance policies, and its commissars keep insisting they can’t get any reliable enrollment data out of the non-functional turdware code (as HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius insisted, dancing right along the edge of a perjury charge, just minutes after insisting has never gone down.)  

But the one thing this boondoggle apparently can do is instantly identify if you’re a member of the media.  Jim Angle of Fox News called the ObamaCare toll-free number from an unlisted phone, gave his name and address… and was swiftly informed, “You appear to be in the media.”  This earned him a promised return call in several days from an “advanced resolution specialist” – who, if the normal Obama Administration protocols are followed, will probably give Angle a tax audit.

Contemplate the absurdity of this for a moment.  This comically incompetent Administration can’t get a website to work, can’t protect the integrity of personal information forwarded to the system… but they have the manpower and procedures in place to run a background check on the name of every caller and somehow determine they’re a member of the media, based solely on name and address?  I wonder if people from Fox News get a different sort of “advanced resolution specialist” than an MSNBC lapdog would.