Obama Voters Mugged By ObamaCare; Will Pay Double for Junk Plan

Pro Publica has America’s feel-good story of the day. Two San Francisco-based Obama loyalists just got royally screwed by ObamaCare.

Lee Hammack and his wife JoEllen Brothers (60 and 59, respectively) were paying $550 a month for a Kaiser plan that comes nowhere close to confirming the White House spin about “junk plans.”  Thanks to ObamaCare, it just go cancelled, and now they will be paying more than twice as much for something much closer to a junk plan:

I tried to find flaws in what Hammack told me. I couldn’t find any.

Hammack recalled his reaction when he and his wife receiveda letters from Kaiser in September informing him their coverage wasbeing canceled. “I work downstairs and my wife had a clear look of shockon her face,” he said. “Our first reaction was clearly there’s got to besomemistake. This was before the exchanges opened up. We quickly calmeddown. Wewere confident that this would all be straightened out. But it wasn’t.”

I asked Hammack tosend me details of his current plan. It carried a $4,000 deductible per person, a$40 copay for doctor visits, a $150 emergency room visit fee and 30 percentcoinsurance for hospital stays after the deductible. The out-of-pocket maximumwas $5,600.

Thanks to ObamaCare, Hammack and his wife are getting screwed out of almost $800 a month, and their health care benefits are now worse.

Hammack told Pro Publica he is “leaning toward — lowering his salary or shifting more money toward a retirement account and applying for a subsidy.”

Another liberal mugged by reality.