More demeaning ObamaCare advertising

If you thought the infamous “brosurance” ad for ObamaCare was pathetic and insulting, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  I see John Nolte’s got images of the latest targeted advertising posted.  It’s mind-boggling.  The stunned reaction I’ve seen on social media boils down to questions about whether it’s more outrageous that the commissars view their subjects this way, or that their subjects see themselves like this.  In other words, is it a bigger scandal that this approach to lure “young invincibles” of the female persuasion is being tried… or that it might work?

Click the link above to see the ads, but in short, they’re premised on the idea that young women should be very, very, very excited that their ridiculously expensive ObamaCare policies include coverage for relatively inexpensive birth control supplies.  “Let’s get physical!” one ad invites, depicting a young woman with a comically predatory “jackpot!” expression on her face as she fumbles with a box of birth control pills, while her date fumbles with her.  “OMG, he’s hot!” the ad copy exclaims.

Frankly, if this generation of young people is dumb enough to fall for a sucker play that tricks them into paying an extra $10,000 a year so they can get “free” birth control pills, America is doomed anyway.  But it’s still mind-boggling to see such crude stereotypes employed in a desperate effort to hit that Sandra Fluke / “War on Women” single-white-female cradle-to-grave sweet spot.  Parents will doubtless be delighted for their young daughters to get bombarded with government-sponsored advertising like this.

Remember when Mitt Romney got boiled in oil just because he mentioned receiving a binder full of women’s resumes from a feminist group?

Update: ObamaCare will also prove invaluable to parents who are stupid enough to let their children use the family machete to carve a pumpkin:

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