Cool as a cucumber, or buried like a turnip?

In response to ObamaCrash Incompetence Blamed On Obama White House’s ‘No Drama Culture’ :

Granted, this is a media sycophant trying to grapple with her shattered Lightworker illusions, not the Administration itself making this claim… but it’s interesting to recall how assiduously the Obama Media used to push those stories about how calm, cool, collected, and hyper-intelligent His Most Serene Majesty was.  I always suspected there was a bit of back-channel White House message coordination and image-polishing going on there.

Now we learn he’s out of his Vulcan mind.  Mr. Spock didn’t bother to ask Scotty how things were going down in Engineering before he ordered Warp Nine; he’s as surprised and frustrated by the resulting explosion as any of the surviving crew.  Look, he’s obviously not an idiot, okay?  He wouldn’t have given that order if he knew the warp core was unstable, the dilithium crystals were cracked, and the engines had failed every single test Mr. Scott gave them.

I don’t see how this “no drama Obama” narrative does anything but hurt him.  Taken at face value, Gloria Borger is painting an image of an incredibly dangerous White House operation that should be shut down immediately for the safety of the American people.  Everyone’s afraid to give Obama bad news?  Well, he shouldn’t be President then.  He’s not even fit to run a bake sale.  What happens if we run out of macadamia nuts before the white chocolate macadamia cookies are finished?  We’ll have baffled customers looking at an empty tray where the cookies were supposed to be, and when they complain to Obama, he’ll act all surprised and frustrated.  What good is that kind of “management” to any enterprise?

But I don’t take this “no drama Obama” crap at face value, because I remember all the drama he goes out of his way to cause when it suits his purposes, such as when he attacked sequestration, or launched his little Shutdown Theater performances.  The man sent goon squads to kick elderly war veterans out of their memorials, and covered half of America with barricades.  Spare me the goofy spin about how he doesn’t like drama.  

And really, I’ve about had my fill of the Incompetence Defense, from Obama and all of his underlings.  He knew damn well would blow up on the launch pad.  He didn’t care.  He decided the political cost of admitting its shortcomings would be too high to pay, and he sure as heck doesn’t have a problem with making other people pay his costs.  Somewhere in the back of his mind, he probably nurses a sincere, utterly arrogant belief that it’s all for the best, or else he would already have found the burden of even a vestigial politician’s conscience to be unbearable by now.