Mandatory misery replaces health care happiness

In response to Gallup: 69% Pleased with Current Health Care Coverage:

There is some grim amusement to be had in watching the Obamabots – who previously claimed the right to seize control of the entire health insurance industry because a small percentage of a generally satisfied customer base had trouble securing affordable coverage – suddenly spin on a dime and declare the millions of Big Lie victims who are losing their affordable coverage today are a tiny, insignificant, worthless minority whose suffering should not be allowed to interfere with the Great Healthcare Leap Forward.

The two populations are roughly comparable in size.  The absurdly inflated 40 and 50 million numbers Obama loves to throw around – notice how the number changes, by millions of people, just about every time he gives a speech – boil down to 10 million “hardcore” uninsured or less.  The remainder is largely comprised of people who choose not to purchase healthcare, and people who don’t qualify for coverage under ObamaCare either, i.e. illegal aliens.

So even before ObamaCare ravages the employer market – a doomsday Obama has violated the law to postpone until after the midterm elections, with good reason – the net effect of the Affordable Care Act was to spend trillions of dollars, ruin millions of lives, kill off hundreds of thousands of jobs, and make insurance more expensive for the majority of people… just to rearrange the deck chairs on the S.S. Uninsured.  

And, of course, to radically expand the power and wealth of the Ruling Class, but there’s no reason most Americans should have been interested in that “achievement.”  In fact, they should have opposed ObamaCare even more strongly than they did, entirely because it would shift even more power and money into the hands of people they will never have a chance to vote against.

So everyone (except the special friends of the Ruling Class, who get their wonderful waivers and carve-outs!) will be more miserable, but the misery will be spread more evenly.  No one will be allowed to innovate solutions that could make things better, because such innovation would cause unacceptable bubbles of happiness to form in the mandatory misery sludge.  Socialism triumphs again!