Obama's giving a lot more than condoms to his union buddies

In response to Brosurance! ObamaCare Event in Arkansas Has Condom Prize Give-Aways (Video):

There’s also a big ObamaCare prize giveaway in progress for Obama’s powerful Big Labor allies, but they’re getting a heck of a lot more than free rubbers.  Once again, the “settled law of the land” has been rewritten by executive fiat, to spare unions from a fee that will now be increased against everyone else, to make up for the revenue shortfall.  From the Washington Examiner:

The rules change, first proposed by the White House earlier this month, was announced by the Health and Human Services Department on Monday evening. The change exempts “self-administered, self-insured group health plans” from the law’s reinsurance fee.

The shift will raise the cost of the tax for those who do pay to $44 a year. It had previously been $42. In essence, the change is forcing those who don’t get the exception to pay an extra $2 for those who do.

The phrase “self-administered, self-insured group health plans” would include multi-employer plans. These are also known as “Taft-Hartley plans” and are widely provided by organized labor groups to their members.

There will surely be more union goodies to come, as a 2014 electoral bloodbath for Democrats draws near.  I’m sure we’ll be amazed to learn how much of other peoples’ money Obama is willing to spend, in order to shore up his key constituencies.  The worse things look, the less restrained his pandering is likely to be.  Stay tuned!