BuzzFeed's List Of 'Women Who Kicked Ass in 2013' Fails To Include Megyn Kelly

Fresh off Time Magazine’s ‘Person of the Year,’ BuzzFeed‘s Julia Pugachevsky published a list of “30 Women Who Kicked Ass In 2013.” Curiously missing from the list? Megyn Kelly.

The omission is a glaring one, considering 2013 saw Kelly become a prime-time news anchor, holding her own (both in substance and in ratings) with fellow FOX News titans, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, and scorching the competition. Earlier in the year, she also (rightly) earned accolades for her spirited defense of ‘breadwinner moms’ against claims that such women distort traditional gender roles. 

While this week was a tough one for Kelly with the now-infamous Santa Claus segment, a slight bump in the road cannot and should not taint what is, objectively and indisputably, a remarkable year for the FOX News anchor. 

When one thinks of women who rocked 2013, Kelly would certainly make the cut — especially considering some of those who did (and the reason given), such as:

#12: Melissa Harris-Perry, for ripping POLITICO writer Michelle Cottle when she called Michelle Obama a feminist nightmare;

(ME: hmm, ok) 

#13: Evan Rachel Wood, for commenting on the double standards female sexuality faces in the media;

(ME: sure — weird, though, how one of the women who’s a living embodiment of combatting sexism in the media… is missing from your list) 

#16: Mikki Kendall, for starting the popular Twitter hashtag #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen;

(ME: what?)

#18: Beyoncé, for the feminist album she just came out with. 

(ME: I love BuzzFeed but, if someone could explain why it has such an obsession with Beyonce (sorry I refuse to do the accent on the ‘e’), who is far too mainstream to be considered hip, please clue me in. And as for the ‘feminist album’? You mean the one with the lyrics that read: “I’m in my penthouse half naked, I cooked this meal for you naked, So where the hell you at?”)

Megyn Kelly’s omission? Laughable, lamentable, and ludicrous.