Global warming and the polar vortex

As a massive blanket of arctic air brings twenty-year record cold temperatures to the United States, it’s not surprising to see the Church of Global Warming in full-on shrieking panic mode, screaming at the top of their lungs that a blast of cold weather doesn’t disprove their theories.

Well, no, of course it doesn’t.  A mountain of scientific data compiled over decades disproves their theories.  Nobody has to point to today’s weather to demonstrate that global warming is a fraud.  Actual scientists have already done that, using years of climate observations that do not in any way, shape, or form match up with the climate models that cost the industrialized world billions of dollars over the past three decades.  The global warming cult has yet to be right about anything, so there’s nothing left to disprove.

But it’s important to note for the record that when we skeptics have ourselves a laugh about climate activists getting stuck in Antarctic ice that wasn’t supposed to be there, or frigid temperatures sweeping across a hemisphere that was supposed to be a boiling sauna of vanishing coastlines by now, we’re just turning the global warming cult’s tactics against them.  They’re the ones who constantly insist that transitory weather phenomenon are proof that the Angry Sky Gods are ready to destroy us all for the crime of capitalist success.  They’re the ones who insist that every hurricane, tornado, and typhoon is a result of man-made “climate change.”  And they’re not shy about doing it while bodies are still being pulled from the rubble.

It was not the skeptics of global warming who routinely conflated “climate” with weather, over the long years since the old, rational, defensibly scientific theories of global cooling – a natural phenomenon that mankind probably couldn’t thwart on purpose – were discarded in favor of something more useful to socialist politicians.  But it’s funny as hell to watch the nervous declarations from cult members that weather isn’t climate… until the inconvenient weather passes, a storm they can blame on human activity rolls along, and today’s weather suddenly becomes incontrovertible proof that human activity is wrecking the atmosphere.

Update: It should be noted that while half of the Church of Global Warming is wailing that one burst of cold weather doesn’t disprove their theories, the other half are trying to blame the polar vortex on global warming.  Thus, weather can be both climate and not-climate at the same time, because science.


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