NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Executive Order Allows Limited Use of Medical Marijuana

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Executive Order Allows Limited Use of Medical Marijuana

I’m for the use of medical marijuana by a limited group of the severely ill such as cancer and bad cases of glaucoma and where shown to provide a medical benefit. It should not be done by executive order

It should be done by legislation crafted with strict guidelines, and stricter punishment for those who violated those guidelines, patients, doctor or dispensary. 

The dysfunction in Albany continues as Democrats look for something new to tax in this case marijuana, and Republicans stand against something which can help patients where they could actually come out as the heroes of the very ill within the state.

New York State can learn from the mistakes of other states that have not properly administered medical marijuana programs. Write a law with stringent guidelines. Of course as in many cases big pharmaceuticals may play a role make as this cuts into their control and profitability. 

Gov. Cuomo’s push for all day prekindergarten supports the progressive agenda of New York Mayor Bill De Blasio and keeps Cuomo away from a tax raise issue that De Blasio has promised in his campaign. This allows Cuomo to pitch especially to upstate New Yorkers that he has not raised taxes as he prepares to run for the presidency. 

As for the state taking over construction projects at John F. Kennedy and La Guardia airports, those are projects which then become feathers in Cuomo’s cap That he can tout. 

In summary these are political ploys over solutions. Sadly this is the norm. 


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