Your Race-Obsessed Headline of the Day: 'Skin Tone Memory Bias'


Researchers from San Francisco State University have found that people subliminally associate “successful black people” with having lighter skin based on cultural stereotypes that liken darker skin with ignorance and negativity. 

Lead researcher Dr. Ben-Zeev submits that, “racial prejudices and stereotypes may cause people to assume an educated black person goes against the norm, and this makes them an ‘exception to their race’,” DailyMail reports. “People therefore assume the person is ‘whiter’ than they are in order to protect the ingrained stereotypical belief – a phenomenon known as ‘skin tone memory bias,'” the report continues. 

‘Skin tone memory bias’ is brazenly bizarre. It is a term that emanates from a certain subgroup of race-based research. It is a term that comes from researchers who live and breath race. Race relations in America took an enormous leap forward over the last half century. And these researchers, hopelessly held captive by a blind obsession with skin color, see fifty years of positive racial progress and the vacuum that progress created as an opportunity to fill it with moronic theories about how a person’s skin complexion relates to weather or not they are perceived as being educated or not. 

Now I know what you’re probably thinking. “Yes, Jerome. But it isn’t that bad.” How I wish that were true.

It was just a few years ago when the Centers for Disease Control asked why black men die six to seven times faster than white men. If you guessed because racism, you are correct. And just last week we learned about new research that concludes that “racism literally makes people old” and accelerates aging among black people. No wonder there’s no room for a substantive discussion about race.

Sadly, these idiotic data are not necessarily new. But the rising level of absurdity is, however, an emergent phenomenon. And yet these are, unfortunately, the strange times we find ourselves living in.

NOTE: For all you whities out there, no, there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop your serial whiteness from negatively affecting the lives of us poor black people. So please, stop asking.