Mums the Word from the GOP, as Chris Christie Makes Secret Fundraising Trip to Florida


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is scheduled to headline several fundraisers in Florida this weekend benefiting  Florida Governor Rick Scott Let’s Get To Work Committee, the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) and the  Republican Governor‘s Association (RGA), but you wouldn’t know that it if you tuned into the RPOF, Scott’s office, or the (RGA). The RGA put out a “closed press”  press release yesterday announcing the  two days and four cities in which the Christie-Scott fundraisers would take place, but nothing more.

The release also includes an event on Friday in Naples, Florida, with Indiana Governor Mike Pence and Rick Scott only.

The Republican establishment is understandably on a virtual lockdown regarding Christie weekend whereabouts, considering the recent negative press the New Jersey Governor has received  over the bridge lane closure scandal he has been trying to distance himself from.

The only information on these scheduled Christie events is the  Palm Beach event sponsored by Home Depot co-founder, Kenneth Langone. Langone told the  Palm Beach Post that the event was a simple meet and greet with 100 or more donors, not a fundraiser. Yeah right, its not a fundraiser.