Announcing my independence from failed partisanship…


… and challenging Americans to do the same. Make no mistake, I am a registered Republican albeit a disaffected one like so many of you. 

I chose to be a Republican and it was simple 34 years ago. There were then and now two major political parties. The Republican party best represented my views of what has been a successful path for America’s rise to cultural, economic and military superpower.

I have reached a point where necessity, a confluence of times, the tea party movement I helped found and grow and America’s awakening from political apathy have made this necessary.  We must return to the basics and only our will as Americans can drive this needed change. 

The swing of the political pendulum left to right and in reverse is not enough. The political institutions are institutionally corrupt even though much of what they do is technically legal. 

Principles that have worked in America and will in the 21st Century

  • Smaller Government – Keep the government out of the way of individuals and business and both will be more successful. Regulate as needed not oppressively. 
  • Low Taxes and Tax Reform – individuals and families know better where we should spend our money than does the government and lower taxes combined with real tax reform leads to a stronger economy.
  • Strong National Defense – The U.S. Constitution puts national defense in the hands of the federal government and this responsibility should not be taken lightly. Immigration is part of this and border security in all forms is needed now.
  • Personal Responsibility – Just as Government has responsibilities so do individuals and companies to contribute to society positively, obey the law, and avoid dependency on the government. Opportunity is a hallmark of America. Equal outcome is a farce perpetuated by the left. 
  • Strong Families – Public policy should encourage strong functional families and government policies should never undermine core family values. A strong family structure has a correlation to better education, community and personal success.
  • Freedom – Free people have choice, and it is from the free exercise of choice that citizens empower their governments to lead.  Government is there to serve the people, not the other way around. 
  • Helping People Succeed – Making people dependent on government undermines those people’s ability and drive to fully realize the American Dream of working hard to build a better life for yourself and your children. Social safety nets should help people get back on their feet, provide training and services that support their success on their own rather than make them dependent on government entitlements.
  • Free Market Solutions – People make better financial decisions than governments and a free market will always produce higher quality products at a lower price than government. Whenever possible free market solutions should be favored over government run solutions. When government is involved it should be in the form of a public, private partnership with a clearly defined sunset date. Regulation of business is necessary and should not be a hindrance to success. Additional regulations should only be instituted where business acts irresponsibly.

The 21st Century must include the following

  1. Energy independence is a foundation of any successful modern society.
  2. Education reform because a literate population demands more of itself and government.

This revolution at the ballot box must be peaceful and lawful. It will take time to find and develop better candidates for public office. There is also a need for better and more honest people who work in our political institutions. This is wider than the elected officials at any level. 

When a political party feels it owns your vote you have little or no power. Make them earn your vote with proven results. Be patient America, you will not get all you wish immediately or maybe never. This is bigger than the individual. 

This must occur for the sake of our republic and will take a long time to be realized. 


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