NY Governor Cuomo apology not required

First of all, who cares if Governor Cuomo apologizes. What does an apology from the heart or otherwise really get you?  

Cuomo is playing to the far left base in New York State and around the country if he wants to run for the presidency. In New York City the base has gone to their new hero and new mayor Bill de Blasio. I understand the need to respond as Ed Cox The GOP state chairman did. It comes with the job. 

The only real threat any politician ever feels is when they face a loss at the ballot box. I have an idea. How many people work part time for Target in New York? Target is dropping coverage and paying part-timers out with $500. Obama and Cuomo love Obamacare and New York State of Health, the official NY State exchange. This is coming to a company near you especially when the employer mandate kicks in. Focus on this and pray as “extreme conservatives” are likely to, that you don’t get sick. 

Please stop getting into the wrong argument while serious economic and other issues plague the state. Approximately one third of New Yorkers voted for Mitt Romney in the last presidential election. I suggest that this one third get together and form wider and stronger voter coalitions to take Cuomo and the progressive left in New York State on at the ballot box. There’s the first step of real results when you vote them out.


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