Help Police! Ted stole my 'Obama Phone'


The funny, fortunately not tragic part of this story is that a 61 year old woman wasn’t smart enough to NOT invite an unknown man in her home. 

Here’s the story on The Smoking Gun.

Rosa Clowney, a 61-year-old Spartanburg resident, told officers that she had invited a man named “Ted” over to her house Thursday night to watch a pair of movies she had borrowed from the library (“Act of Valor” and “The Bourne Identity”).

After watching the films, Clowney told police, “Ted” left her residence with the DVDs and her blue “Obama Phone.” Clowney said that she had no other information about “Ted,” adding that she was reporting the theft because “the library was going to charge her $65.00 for the missing movies.”

The Spartanburg Police Department larceny report is apparently the first time the phrase “Obama Phone” has been memorialized in such a document.

Ah yes, memories of the original Obama Phone Lady (video).