RNC chairman calls for MSNBC blackout

In response to The NBC/MSNBC Clown Car Sputters On, Providing Grim Amusement For All:

You’ll be relieved to know that I’m trying to get “Justified” actor Nick Searcy, who knows a few things about loving conservative inter-racial families, to go down to MSNBC headquarters and straighten them out.  I suggested the network should have a frank on-air discussion about its problems and invite him to participate.  “They don’t want it THAT frank,” he replied.

Meanwhile, RNC chairman Reince Priebus has ordered his staff not to appear on MSNBC until its president, Phil Griffin, personally apologizes and takes “internal corrective action,” i.e. kicks somebody’s butt in public.  Priebus issued a memo calling on all Republican officials and their surrogates to join the MSNBC blackout until some heads have rolled.

I would note that it wasn’t just an offensive Tweet, either.  MSNBC’s story about the SuperBowl Cheerios ad also asserted there was a “conservative backlash” against the first advertisement featuring the adorable little girl and her bi-racial parents.  The cowardly left-wing network has since stealth-edited the post to remove this reference, without informing readers that they changed the article.

There’s supposed to be some sort of firewall between MSNBC and the more respectable operation at NBC news, but that firewall is looking awfully thin these days.  If there are any serious journalists anywhere in the NBC operation, Murray’s departure will be part of an overall housecleaning process that also acknowledges the pattern of ugly behavior at MSNBC – if it keeps happening over and over again, it’s not a “mistake,” or anomalous to the network’s editorial policies.


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