But Chollie Rangel just said there would be OODLES of health care jobs!


In response to Latest Jobs Report Shows Decline in Healthcare Sector Employment:

Now, hold on there, Liz!  It seems like only yesterday that Democrats were saying ObamaCare would create a billion jobs in the health care industry.  Oh, wait, it was yesterday.  Kerry swung by The Conversation to deliver the wit and wisdom of Charlie Rangel:

“I still believe that–especially in the health industry. My God–more doctors, nurses, providers,” said Rangel.”I’m saying that they’re going to be created. The more people in the world; the more services that need it, the more people that gotta get hired.”

Rangel, however, could not give a timeframe as to how long it would take for those millions of jobs to be created, asking, “I don’t know–How long are we going to have enrollments? How long are people going to have full insurance?” 

When asked if Americans would still be waiting for the jobs long after he retired, Rangel responded, “Forget about me. I’m talking about everyday more and more people are signing up. Doesn’t that mean more and more providers have to be hired? I think so.”

So who am I supposed to believe – your data and my lying eyes, or the glib assurances from one of America’s premier tax cheats?  I mean, it only stands to reason that we’ll have people falling all over themselves to enter a hyper-regulated industry where the deadlines and mandates shift at the whim of politicians on a weekly basis.  

As Dr. Kristin Held of Texas observed when declaring her independence from ObamaCare, some of these changes amount to rewriting signed contracts with doctors on the fly, without even notifying them in advance of the changes they never agreed to.  People will just rush to pile up seven figures of student-loan debt and spend years of their lives in medical school to get a piece of that action!

I mean, it’s not as if doctors’ offices are already hanging out bright orange signs and telling cancer patients they don’t accept ObamaCare.  Oh, wait, it’s exactly like that.

Well, I’m sure we’ll end up with some politician-organized army of bureaucratic drones wearing stethoscopes, waiting for the death panels to run your quality-of-life spreadsheet and decide whether you can get the operation you’ve been waiting a year for, but just take  your pain meds and remember it’s so much better than the medical system we had before Obama showed up, because…. because… well, it’s going to be more fair.  Equal misery for all, except those with good Party credentials and tight political connections!

(Incidentally, if anyone’s looking for ideas to update the Gadsden flag, replacing the snake and “Don’t tread on me” with Dr. Held saying “I will not comply” would be an appealing design, not to mention more difficult for “War On Women” Democrats to sneer at.  Doctors across the nation have been standing up and cheering that letter she wrote to Aetna.  It might go into the annals of American liberty as one of our important national documents.)