Sen. Pat Roberts Accused of Keeping No Residence in Kansas

U.S. Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS) claims the New York Times is wrong in a Friday report which alleges he does not currently have a residence in the state of Kansas, which may endanger his eligibility to run for reelection.

Roberts retorts that he has maintained close ties to the state of Kansas during his decades in Washington. He served in the House from 1981 – 1997 and has been in the Senate since.

“We had an interview with Jonathan Martin where we discussed the senator’s residency, and what turned up in the story is a distortion,” said Sarah Little, Roberts communications director in email to NRO.

Roberts’ campaign also released a statement, claiming NYT’s reporter Jonathan Martin was basically looking to do a hit job on him. Roberts is facing a primary from Milton Wolf.

Also false is the statement that Senator Roberts “acknowledged he does not have a home of his own in Kansas.” Senator Roberts told the reporter just the opposite, both verbally and in writing.

Reporter Jonathan Martin came to us with a clear agenda. In an interview with the Senator, Martin scoffed at the fact Pat is proud to call Dodge City home. Martin even told us he didn’t understand why Pat bothered to live in western Kansas when it was so far away. He suggested Pat should live in Kansas City.

Martin did not let facts stand in the way of his agenda.

The reporter found two people who said they did not know Senator Roberts. Martin did not bother to find thousands of others who know the Senator well.


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