Iran May Be the Nuclear Hegemon in the Middle East

Iran May Be the Nuclear Hegemon in the Middle East

In response to Iran: The Real ‘Linkage’:

We have to realize that with complex strategy and multiple partners Iran has a laser focus on becoming a nuclear hegemon in the Middle East. As the world’s biggest state sponsor of radical Muslim terrorism Iran has kept the world busy with many simmering political pots while getting closer to their goal. 

Their most immediate goal is stated in their Constitution and that is the destruction of Israel. Nuclear weapons in the hands of the ayatollahs in Iran makes that a clear and present danger. This danger is not limited to Israel or the Middle East. Proliferation of nuclear material or weaponry are logical next steps. In dealing with Iran America will have to deal with Russia and China. Both nations have national interests in dealing with Iran for energy or to support them through various channels. 

In all of this the Palestinian leadership is picking the winning side in Iran as they view an ever-changing political dynamic. Even though a portion of Palestinians feel differently, they have no say in the matter. The Arab political construct that is Palestine serves its original purpose by keeping Israel in a constant conflict whether it be periods of military conflict or the rearming periods in between. A second purpose is to keep the United States focused on a secondary issue of Israel and Palestinian negotiations. Israel can negotiate on its own but must have America by her side. 

America and the world needs a laser focus on stopping Iran by any means necessary from becoming the nuclear hegemon. A nuclear Iran changes the world for generations.