Some Obama Voters Have Buyer's Remorse – Are Now Gravitating Toward Hillary (Updated)

According to a new  Economist/ poll, over 7 in 10 Obama voters, and 55 percent of Democrats, regret voting for “Hope and Change” in 2012. (See update.)

The Washington Examiner reported:

The poll asked those who voted for Obama’s reelection a simple question: “Do you regret voting for Barack Obama?”
— Overall, 71 percent said yes, 26 percent no.
— 80 percent of whites said yes, 61 percent of blacks said no and 100 percent of Hispanics said yes.
— 84 percent of women said yes, and just 61 percent of men agreed.

— 55 percent of Democrats said yes, as did 71 percent of independents.

Still, proving that you can’t fix stupid, most of them, given the choice between Obama and Romney, said they would stick with Obummer, 79 percent to 10 percent for Romney.

But his voters seem to have moved on and are ready for the next election, giving Obama very early lame duck status before the midterm elections. The poll, for example, found that Hillary Clinton has a higher favorability rating than the president. While Obama is underwater in his ratings, Clinton is buoyed by a 50-percent favorable to 43-percent unfavorable rating, with a sizable 28 percent rating her “very favorable.”

Brilliant. Let’s move on to another corrupt progressive who has a problem with the truth. That will sure fix things.

Establishment type Republicans have a brilliant plan to deal with Hillary, of course.  Use the same kids glove approach that worked so well for Mitt Romney in 2012, because doggone it – the American people don’t need to know the truth. Do we really want to go back and rehash all the nasty unpleasantness of the Clinton years? 

Sure, we were told that we got two for the price of one when the Clintons were in the White House, and sure, Hillary was her sexually-harassing husband’s enabler and attack dog throughout the “bimbo eruptions” of his presidency.

Kathleen Willey, who was a prominent Democratic volunteer in the first Clinton campaign in 1992, has resurrected her accusation — never refuted — that when she accepted an invitation to call on Bubba at the White House she got no help in getting a job, but “nothing short of serious sexual harassment.”

Mrs. Willey told interviewer Aaron Klein on WABC radio in New York that she’s bringing up the story now because Hillary was Bubba’s enabler, and manipulated the response to the sexual scandals that defined the Clinton years. Hillary, she says, has never been the friend of women she pretends to be.

Hillary attributed Bubba’s troubles to “the vast right-wing media conspiracy,” and then Monica Lewinsky burst on the scene like a bombshell. Monica resembled neither a conspiracy nor a vast wing, right or otherwise.

“Hillary Clinton is the war on women,” Mrs. Willey says, emphasizing the word “is,” and “that’s what needs to be exposed here. The point is what this woman is capable of doing to other women while she’s running a campaign basically on women’s issues. It just doesn’t make any sense.

The media is already working overtime to make the scandal-plagued Clinton years off limits for public discourse ahead of 2016, setting up any vetting Hillary’s White House years (ironically enough) as a Republican #WarOnWomen. 

Republican consultants, who seem get all their cues from the MSM, are sure to agree – not that it makes any sense.


Over at Hot Air, Allahpundit examined numbers in the poll and found that the 71% figure comes from Obama voters who said they wouldn’t vote for him again, not from all Obama voters, so it’s not such a shocking result after all.. YouGov has now altered its headline to reflect the truth.