Canadian Liberal: Russia Will Avenge Olympic Hockey Loss by Invading Ukraine

Canadian Liberal Member of Parliament Justin Trudeau is the subject of controversy after joking that Russia’s intentions toward Ukraine were especially to be feared because of the Russian hockey team’s early exit from the Olympics. Canada’s Sun News Network has the story about a joke few Canadians, or Ukrainians, find funny:

[Trudeau’s] unpolished foreign policy views were aired in French during an unscripted interview in Quebec on Sunday hours after his party wrapped up a policy convention in Montreal, where delegates passed resolutions to decriminalize medically assisted suicides and a series of debt-financed national programs.

“For me, the President Yanukovych has become illegitimate and it’s very disconcerting, particularly since Russia lost in hockey during the Olympics – Russia will be in a bad mood, we are concerned about Russia implicating itself in the Ukraine,” he said.

He followed up by saying his remarks were an “attempt to bring a little bit of a lighter tone into a situation that is extremely serious.”

After losing to the U.S. in the preliminary round, Russia was knocked out of medal contention by Finland.


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