Video: Russian Special Forces in Face Off with Ukrainian Navy (Updated)


Russian Special Forces faced off with members of the Ukrainian Navy today at a base located in the city of Sevastopol. According to a report, the Russians entered a Ukrainian Navy training base to collect weapons. When they tried to leave the Ukrainians surrounded their Armored Personnel Carrier and refused to move.

Though it does not appear in the video clip, the description posted with the clip claims the Russians fired a machine gun in the air twice but that the Ukrainians refused to move. Eventually the Russians left on foot after the Ukrainians agreed to deliver the weapons to a storage location.

A description included with the video above says Russian special forces apologized on the way out saying “excuse us, we do not want to fight, but we were given an order.”

Update: Allen Ginzbug, aka @AG_Conservative on Twitter, had a look at these clips. He speaks Russian and was able to discern a bit more detail about the exchange.

Clip #1 above: The Ukrainian says the APC seen in the background is his and if the Russians want a peaceful resolution they need to leave without it. At this point both sides say they don’t see how they can have a peaceful resolution since they are both under orders. Eventually the Russian uses his radio and gets new orders allowing him to leave the APC and the weapons (which are presumably loaded inside it).

Clip #2: The Ukrainian commander standing with his back to the Russians is saying somewhat boldly “Tell your commanders that I am in charge here. I haven’t given them a piece of my mind, but I will.” As for the apology supposedly made by the Russians leaving, that can’t be heard on the video so it may be apocryphal.


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