After 3 years, Tea Party Patriots finally get their IRS letter

Great news!  After just three short years and one missed election, Tea Party Patriots finally got their official response from the IRS Tax Exempt Organizations division!  The speed, efficiency, and honesty of the second-most-powerful agency in our titanic mega-government are truly a wonder to behold.  

(Sorry, IRS agents, but after ObamaCare, you’re not the most powerful appendage of the Leviathan State any more.  That position is now occupied by the Department of Health and Human Services, which has virtually unlimited power to do anything it pleases, counting the Internal Revenue Service among its instruments of enforcement.)

Among the many curious things defenders of the politicized IRS need to explain is why, exactly, it would take years of effort to decide whether the targeted conservative groups should be granted their tax exemptions.  That’s the part of the story Administration apologists and obfuscation specialists never want to talk about.  This scandal was never about conservative groups being denied their exemptions; it was about an endless, agonizing slow-walk process that gave IRS agents years to hassle and intimidate them, without ever rendering an up-or-down judgment that could have been appealed.  Meanwhile, the vast majority of left-leaning groups not only got their desired exemptions, but received them with alacrity, often a matter of weeks.  

There’s no way for Administration apologists to explain all that.  Fortunately for them, the media doesn’t seem interested in making them try.