Fishing Therapy For Wounded Veterans

 Most, if not all Americans are grateful for the service to our country that our U.S. military servicemen and women have given, and wish to do more to help those who have come home from foreign conflicts with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other disabilities.

 Now there is a very interesting way to support these wounded veterans. A new documentary film about PTSD and military veterans filmed in Miami, Florida, features two individuals from two completely different walks of life, who have come together and nurtured a very special bond between them.

Rudy is a 21 year veteran who suffers from PTSD, and Neal is a hairdresser and professional angler, who on his free time, takes wounded veterans out for some much needed fishing therapy.

 “Even when they are home, they are still at war”-Neal Watch the documentary trailer, and make a contribution here. It is important that Americans see this video to better understand what our servicemen and women are going through on a regular basis, and they themselves give a little back.

The filmmakers have self-funded this film, and need just push to be able to release it. This is a great cause, open up your wallets to it. Click here to donate!