LOL: Media Matters Whines That Fox News Cut Away From Democrat During Benghazi Hearing

Oh waaah….someone break out the world’s tiniest violin for Media Matters. You just can’t overstate the injustice and inhumanity of this: 

After airing over 45 minutes of live coverage of a House Intelligence Committee hearing on the Benghazi attacks — including opening statements and Republican Chairman Mike Rogers’ (MI) initial questioning of former deputy CIA director Michael Morell –– Fox News cut away for its own “analysis” just as a Democratic congressman’s questions began.

Okay, so Fox News mercifully spared its audience of the partisan obfuscatons of Congressman Adam Schiff (CA).

They realize that most viewers who watch Congressional hearings on TV, use the Democrat questioning periods to go to the bathroom, take snack breaks, do laundry, etc.

Don’t blame Fox News just because it wants to keep its audience!