Ted Cruz: 'Congress Should Impeach Eric Holder' (Audio)

In response to Eric Holder’s contempt for contempt:

In an interview with Sean Hannity on his radio show, Thursday, Sen. Ted Cruz said that Eric Holder is the most partisan attorney general this country has ever seen, and if he doesn’t act after Lerner is held in contempt by Congress, then Congress should move to impeach him.

Cruz noted that the president and attorney general had promised when the scandal broke in May 2013, to work with Congress to get to the bottom of it, but since then, the Justice Department hasn’t bothered to interview any of the victims. 

HANNITY: If Eric Holder doesn’t act, what should Congress do? Do they not have the legal authority themselves to go after Lerner?

TED CRUZ: Yes. Look, among other things, Congress should impeach Eric Holder because Eric Holder is defying Congress and defying rule of law.

There were reports back in February that Holder was planning on stepping down by the end of this year, but his spokesman at the Justice Department disputed that. Unless he’s forced out, this country could be stuck with this corrupt, hyper-partisan attorney general until the bitter end.

My friend Scott McKay of the Hayride, thinks Holder is actually trying to bait the House into impeaching him, “so that they can hold him up as a black man being persecuted by racist white Republicans who refuse to cooperate with black people in positions of executive power.”  

The fact that he went before Al Sharpton’s National Action Network the day after the House hearing and strongly implied that Republicans were treating him and the president unfairly based on their race, I believe, gives credence to that theory. Holder’s actions show that he intends to use racial politics to further party goals in an election year – but would he go so far as to allow himself to be impeached, in order to animate the base? 

I find that a bit hard to swallow.

But then, after Clinton’s impeachment and rehabilitation, members of the “criminal conspiracy masquerading as a political party” probably consider it a badge of honor to be impeached.