Lucky Charms And Mile, It Doesn't Do a Body Good

In response to Milk, It does a body good:

David, you are absolutely right, you can lose a few pounds. Ahahahahahaha, kidding.  I too am an avid whole milk drinker, even though I tend to drink the 2% stuff more often. There really isn’t any difference between the two.

What makes kids fat is not the milk, it’s what they add the milk to, or what they eat along side it.

Take for example my Sunday night encounter with a box of Lucky Charms. Alone the milk does not make me fat, but add the suger-filled grain cereal and marshmellows into a bowl with the milk, and you will pack on the pounds.

And if you are Lactose intolerant like a lot of Americans, your stomach will not be feeling so “magically delicious” from that mixture of Lucky Charms and milk;)