Rutgers University Intolerance Symptom of Societal Dismay

Rutgers University Intolerance Symptom of Societal Dismay

And here we think that colleges like Rutgers University are incubators of debate and diverse thoughts. In large part they still are but the intolerant such as Professor Robert Boikess and the students have decided that their thoughts, beyond their right to protest should override all others. 

What is also missing are the loud voices from the University and anyone who supports the decision to invite Secretary Rice.  Karl Rove is right about the torture issue by both its definition and the responsibility of the current president and administration if that really is the case. 

What a story of potential and achievements that former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice represents. She grew up in poverty during the civil rights era and as a black woman achieved so much in her life. Regardless of anybody’s politics, she is a unique figure in American history. 

As for the intolerant leftists and their acolytes and the issue of inviting former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton we only need to go to the tale of the tape. Watch here or fast forward to 01:58.

The parents of these students / young adults, unless they agree with their approach and do not see that this is a dangerous method in which to live your life should be dismayed. What are these bright young minds (#sarcasm) going to do in the real world in a corporation where not everything goes their way?