Barack "The Hulk" Obama lives in a state of perpetual impotent rage

In response to Nobody’s Madder Than The President Now – In Six Months It Will Be A ‘Phony Scandal’:

Someone should make a list of all the times Obama has claimed he was enraged by some damaging news story he later dismissed, without ever doing anything about it.  

Just off the top of my head, King Barack the Furious was supposedly “mad as hell” about: his trillion-dollar “stimulus” not producing any jobs, his signature health-care achievement killing millions of insurance policies despite his promises to the contrary, the IRS scandal, the YouTube video that he falsely portrayed as causing the Benghazi riots, CIA officials who supposedly lied to him about the YouTube video causing the Benghazi riots, HealthCareDotGov blowing up on the launch pad, Secret Service agents frolicking with prostitutes in Colombia, and government agencies blowing piles of taxpayer money on frivolities.  I don’t recall if he sent any spokesbots out to claim he was mad as hell about Operation Fast and Furious, but since the media buried that one pretty quickly, maybe he didn’t feel obliged to fake any anger.

So we’ve got a President who lives in a state of perpetual impotent rage, according to his flacks and advisers.  In fact, since we learned today that Obama knew about the VA problems since literally the first day of his presidency, he’s been quietly stewing in his own juices over this one scandal for five years.

And yet, not a peep from President Madder Than Hell, even as the VA scandal rips through his Administration like a tornado.  He played golf yet again over the weekend, and didn’t seem visibly upset.  He even made time for such wacky hijinks as locking an inconvenient reporter in a shed – the kind of humiliation our servile media has come to accept without comment from the President they adore.

I therefore assume the VA scandal has not yet worked Obama into the paroxysms of rage he displays when he doesn’t get his way on gun-control legislation.  Remember that?  For the benefit of anyone who has forgotten, here’s what it looks like when Barack Obama really does get angry about something: