Guinness Announces World's Oldest Cat: 24 Year-Old 'Poppy'

The Guinness Book of World Records has revealed the world’s oldest cat, a 24 year-old tortie named Poppy.  The newly decorated feline was born in 1990 and is considered to be 114 years-old in human years.

Craig Glenday, Guinness World Records editor-in-chief, said: ‘We’ve been overwhelmed with claims for the “oldest living cat”, with owners from across the globe making applications on behalf of their cats.’Today, though, I’m pleased to confirm that we’re recognising Poppy from Bournemouth in the UK as the world’s oldest living cat, at the age of 24 years.’If anyone thinks their cat beats this, and can prove it, then we’d encourage them to get in touch with us.’

Jaqui West, who owns Poppy (who am I kidding, no one really owns a cat) submitted her entry once Poppy turned 24. The aged feline is both blind and deaf but her owner explains: 

People always ask what we put Poppy’s longevity down to and I guess she has a good diet and lots of exercise.  She keeps herself fit by walking around and she eats a lot. She has biscuits in the morning and tinned food later on. She’s never been a big cat though.  She is partial to the odd takeaway. We sometimes give her a bit of KFC chicken, fish and chips and even the odd bit of kebab meat.

The reaction to Poppy’s award can only be described as “over-the-moon” happy. “We knew she is old but to be officially recognised is just great. We are all chuffed for her. I think all old cats deserve recognition of their achievement. As a family, we are so pleased that she is still with us as well.”