Cadets hold their applause after Obama explains, once again, how America sucked before he came along

In response to Video: Obama Earns Icy Reception At West Point:

Good point that West Point cadets are probably much more familiar with Obama’s foreign and military policy blunders and scandals than the Low Information Voters, and therefore less likely to be impressed by his long-winded snow job.  They might also have been listening to the actual words of his speech (although I wouldn’t blame them for nodding off) because it was yet another variation on Obama’s favorite theme: America sucked until I came along to redeem it.

That’s the point of the huge “straw man” arguments everyone has been making fun of (and I do mean everyone, including lefty newspapers like the Washington Post, which wrote that Obama “marshaled a virtual corps of straw men.”)   According to Obama, the default mode of the American people would be to make military force the primary instrument of our foreign policy, invade every country we suspect of harboring a terrorist network, and flout international law.  He’s the only thing holding us back from all that, since he presented all of his poll-tested pabulum as radical policy change – an exciting new doctrine different from anything that had gone before.

Even Obama’s hilariously clumsy effort to assure us that he does too believe in American exceptionalism, no matter what you might recall that Senator Obama guy saying on the subject, was a backhanded slap at the primitive outlaw nation he rules: “I believe in American exceptionalism with every fiber of my being. But what makes us exceptional is not our ability to flout international norms and the rule of law; it is our willingness to affirm them through our actions. “

What makes America exceptional is our exceptional willingness to do what international bodies tell us to do?  He segued from there into a promise to… wait for it, wait for it… close Gitmo, which his entirely unrelated predecessor, Barack Hussein Obama, didn’t do, despite campaign promises to get those poor misunderstood terrorists out of their catered hell-hole.  

This speech would sound like meaningless tripe even to someone completely ignorant of President Obama’s record, or the actual consequences of decisions he’s really made.  The guy who blew off Congress to invade Libya, and left it a smoking militia-controlled ambassador-killing ruin, is going to lecture other people about being too eager to use military force?  The guy who wanted to bomb Syria because they called the bluff he witlessly made in one of his wheezy speeches is going to present himself as the master of soft power?  The President who made Hillary Clinton and John Kerry into Secretaries of State is going to expound on the importance of wise foreign policy, administered by expert diplomats?  He’s going to tell us his genius policies are making the world safe while half of it is laughing at us, and the other half is in flames?  I love alternate-history fiction as much as anyone, but I don’t applaud unless I get some giant robots.