Obama Flack Who Smeared Bergdahl's Platoon, Participated In Anti-Rush Campaign in 2007

In response to From “swift boaters” to “psychopaths”:

It should come as no surprise that the HUD flack who trial-ballooned the Bergdahl “Platoon long on psychopaths” narrative on Twitter, is a former Votes Vets operative who participated in an anti-Rush campaign in conjunction with Media Matters and Harry Reid in 2007.

Rush had used the term “phony soldiers” in reference stories that had been in the news at the time regarding the pretenders and frauds who were claiming military honors they didn’t earn.

But Brandon Friedman and his cohorts at the left-wing, anti-Iraq War Votes Vets and Media Matters jumped on the comment to suggest Rush meant to say all soldiers who opposed the Iraq War were phony soldiers, and tried to gin up an anti-Rush media firestorm, complete with an anti-Rush ads and Dingy blasting private citizen Rush on the Senate floor.

In an interview with conservative talk show host, Rusty Humphries, Friedman admitted that the reason his group was  going after Rush was, in essence, because they didn’t agree with him, and didn’t like the fact that he was influential.

Rusty Humphries says, “Why are you doing this, honestly? What is your reasoning behind this?”

FRIEDMAN: The problem I have with Rush Limbaugh is that he enables policy makers who have gotten our country into a lot of trouble. We’re in a lot of trouble. I mean, we’ve got some serious problems with Islamic extremism globally, and we can’t address those problems correctly –


FRIEDMAN: — because we’re bogged down in another country’s religious civil war.

HUMPHRIES: Okay, so it’s not what Rush said, it’s who Rush supports, and because he helped get them elected, he needs to be taken down, is that –

FRIEDMAN: No, it’s a pattern of what he does. I mean, this guy has a voice, and he affects people.

So, again – no surprise this guy landed in the Obama administration. 

I am a little surprise that he ended up at HUD, instead of Obama’s National Security Council like former campaign bus driver Tommy Vietor.


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