Enjoy your deliberate crisis, border states

In response to AZ Gov Jan Brewer Disturbed and Outraged Feds Have No Plans To Stop Illegal Immigrant Dump:

No sooner did I finish writing at length about how the humanitarian crisis on the border was deliberately created by the amnesty caucus, as part of a Cloward-Piven strategy to ram a lot more than amnesty down our throats, than I saw that report about Gov. Brewer describing the situation as “a crisis of the federal government’s creation.”  She’s absolutely correct.

1. No serious person can pretend to be surprised that all the talk of handing out amnesty, particularly to young “Dreamers” and families with children, causes a tidal wave of people seeking such prizes to turn up at the border.  You’re talking to a straight-up, no-fooling scam artist if you hear anyone expressing surprise that word of our “great national conversation” about opening the border penetrated to Central and South America.  They have news programs and the Internet down there, too.

2. The Obama Administration absolutely knew these people were coming.  It’s simply not deniable.  Even if you’re willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and accept their pretenses that the refugee crisis growing on the border wasn’t a deliberate part of their plan, we have intelligence assets that would warn us of a mass migration heading northward.

3. Nothing was done to prepare for that migration.  There are two reasons for this.  Number one, the Administration knew it would be terribly inconvenient if, at a delicate moment in amnesty negotiations last year, they were seen building refugee cities along the border.  Number two, they wanted the system to collapse.  They want plane and bus shipments of illegal aliens rolling across the country.  They want a horrifying human crisis to appear on TV at the right moment, so we can be told amnesty is the only solution.

4. And that is what they’re going to say.  They’re already beginning to say it.  These refugees can’t be bounced back from border with the usual catch-and-release operation, because a lot of them don’t come from Mexico.  How do you return thousands of unaccompanied minors to Central American hell-holes, torn by violent conflicts between drug cartels?  How do you keep them in refugee centers that will soon be likened to concentration camps?

This is checkmate – the demand for amnesty that nobody can refuse.  These young arrivals will be the tip of a policy spear that quickly widens to include all of the “Dreamers,” and of course their families, and the next wave of five thousand families and unaccompanied minors to arrive.  And as the system groans to deal with them as newly-minted, theoretically “conditional” American citizens over the next few years, every other system they encounter – from government welfare, to private charity, to the private-sector job market – will collapse, precisely as the Left desires.  What happens when you infuse millions of new “job seekers” into a market choked by regulation that makes business formation and expansion incredibly difficult, a tax system that bleeds away profits, and mandated benefits that jack up the cost of labor?  It’s like pointing a car at a brick wall, chaining the steering wheel in place, and then dropping a brick on the gas pedal.

The only “solution” will be a vastly larger central government controlling more of the economy, and more of Americans’ money.  I’ll put down a marker right now and say this isn’t merely an adaptation of the Cloward-Piven strategy – it’s highly likely to end with a push to reach the specific original goal of Coward and Piven, which was the replacement of our constitutional republic and its welfare apparatus with a full centrally-planned collectivist system, which guarantees a certain “income” for everyone, with very few strings attached.  In other words, everyone who doesn’t have a private sector job will directly “work” for the State, which will ask very little of them, beyond certain desirable voting habits.

In the short term, just wait until state governors forced to deal with the influx of illegals shipped to them like cargo by the federal government find out what orders from Washington they must obey, in order to receive federal assistance for dealing with the humanitarian crisis Washington has created.


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