Obama Made American Taliban's Parents Honorary Army Intelligence Officers

Did we expect any less from the “Comrade-In-Chief?”

 It is now being reported that suspected U.S. Army deserter, Bowe Bergdahl’s parents were allowed to sit in on up to 20 secure military video conferences every year with intelligence officers and military personell, presumably to get updates on their son’s status during his supposed imprisonment.

 “Mr. and Mrs. Bergdahl were regularly informed about what was happening throughout the duration using video teleconferencing [with] various military and other government agencies,” said Air Force Col. Anthony Marsano. “There was a great effort to keep Mr. and Mrs. Bergdahl updated on developments.”-Idaho National Guard spokesman (Washington Times)

 While it could be a stretch (not really) to say that Papa Bergdahl is a Taliban and terrorist simpathatizer with a hidden agenda, does Obama’s action of letting the Bergdahl’s sit in on these highly sensitive and secure military communication assets, compromise national security?




As papa Bergdahl recently state, “ bism allah alrahman alraheem.”

Translation:  “In the name of Allah the most gracious and most merciful.”