NASCAR: Tony Stewart's Facebook Page Erupts With Charges of "Murderer" After Fatal Accident

NASCAR driver Tony Stewart “will not compete in a NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Watkins Glen International on Sunday after being involved in an incident that claimed the life of a driver during a race in New York on Saturday night”.

Stewart is said to be “cooperating fully” with an ongoing investigation into the fatal accident. Meanwhile, Stewart’s Facebook page erupted in emotional reactions, both in support of and against the prominent NASCAR driver.

Vincenzo Zito MURDERER
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Matt Matthys Anyone that is NOT a Tony Stewart fan that thinks this is not murder? Of course if you’re a fan you are going to think it’s an accident. No way could your beloved redneck hero be a murderer. That guy should have stayed in his car, but when you are …

Leslie Blackburn Keating How very sad for you Greg Shumate…obviously you know nothing about Tony Stewart. It was a beyond horrible accident. My heart aches for the young man and his family as well as Tony Stewart.

Mike Krott ‘Tony definitely hit the kid on purpose. The POS should be charged with murder.’
This guy who posted this, and the others like him are mouth breathing idiots. Period.

Beth Aldridge Whitworth You know what, if for one second anyone thinks Smoke did this on purpose you need some help! Did Smoke hit the kid?? Yes, he did and no one (including Tony) is saying other wise. I’m so sorry this young man lost his life. Was is avoidable??? Yes…….

Dan Aiuto Tyler, Your a moron! get a clue loser!