Rubio Backs His Friend In Florida, Swipes At Charlie Crister Richard DeNapoli

Senator Marco Rubio doesn’t hate anyone, but there are a few shady characters out there that he really dislikes.

This said,Senator Marco Rubio has just stuck his finger in the eye of Charlie Crist Republican Richard DeNapoli by appearing in campaign video in support of his “good friend,” Dr. Julio Gonzalez.

DeNapoli, who is challenging Gonzalez in the contentious Florida state House race in district 74, has been going around telling anyone that will listen that he is “close” to Rubio.

But  this video by Senator Rubio makes it abundantly clear that his only friend and “principled conservative” in the race is Julio Gonzalez.

Rubio has disliked DeNapoli ever since his 2010 U.S. Senate race against Charlie Crist, where DeNapoli supported Crist until the very end. DeNapoli has been trying to make nice with Rubio, even groveling to former Rubio staffers about helping him put a meeting together between him and the junior Senator.

Fat chance that was ever going to happen.

DeNapoli, who is also backed by liberal Trial Lawyers and unions, is famous for heckling Rubio at a couple of Rubio’s 2010 Senate campaign events, and then sending out campaign mailers of him posing with Rubio in a feeble attempt to try to fool voters into believing that he is friendly and in good terms with the Senator.

“I’m with Julio Gonzalez because he is the only conservative in this race.”-Senator Marco Rubio