Power-Walking Michelle O Shuts Down Media (Video)

Vocativ is a new media company that doesn’t consider itself part of the establishment media, but while videotaping on Martha’s Vineyard over the weekend to film “a piece about the African-American community on the island,” their film crew found themselves in a position to videotape the First Lady, Valerie Jarrett and their Secret Service detail as they power walked on a busy thoroughfare. 

But while they were shooting on Beach Road, a member of the Secret Service approached the Vocativ crew and and asked them to switch off their camera for 15 minutes – even though they were filming on public property.

A moment later, first lady Michelle Obama power walked by our crew. She was out for some exercise with a small group–and a serious security detail. It was 9:30 in the morning.

Our producer and cameraman were surrounded by Secret Service agents and very strongly advised to stop filming. At one point, Mrs. Obama looked in their direction and said, “Don’t do that.” It’s unclear if she was telling the agents to leave us alone, or scolding us for filming on public property.
We wondered what the big deal was. The first lady is a fierce advocate for wellness and exercise. And there she was on her vacation–getting out and actually practicing what she preaches.

“Really? REALLY?” the SS agent said. Michelle is having a “private moment” power walking on the busiest thoroughfare in Martha’s Vineyard…

Yes, really. In America, unless I’m mistaken, we lowly minions still have the right to photograph our rulers when they’re out in public – no matter how huge their skin tight yoga capris make their thighs look.