Shaheen Blasted for Ducking Voters And On Immigration

Pointing out that New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte “has held three times as many town hall meetings as Jeanne Shaheen,” while only being in office “half as long as Shaheen,” today the New Hampshire Leader blasts Shaheen as basically a mouth piece for Barack Obama and Democrat Party machine politics, as a whole.

In fact, towing the Obama line on immigration now has Shaheen in a bit of trouble as the Scott Brown campaign is labeling her a ‘flip-flopper’ on the issue. The following is from a new release from the Brown campaign.

In June 2012, Shaheen praised President Obama’s executive order that legalized hundreds of thousands of young people in this country illegally, calling it “the right thing to do.” Two years later in a tough re-election and with her poll numbers slipping, she has reversed course, telling the Washington Post yesterday that she opposes a “piecemeal approach issued by executive order.”

Clearly the Brown campaign intends to continue hitting Shaheen on the immigration issue. Today they held a conference call led by New Hampshire Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, along with Merrimack County Sheriff Scott Hilliard to discuss Jeanne Shaheen’s position on immigration and her flip-flop on executive amnesty in an effort to distance herself from an increasingly unpopular Barack Obama the White House.

Brown has now closed what was once a double digit gap down to a virtual tie with Shaheen and some in the GOP are beginning to view New Hampshire as a chance to pick up a “bonus” seat as the GOP fights to take control of the Senate during this year’s mid-terms.

Republicans are suddenly looking at a bonus opportunity to build a Senate majority amid signs that Scott Brown may be bringing his race for a Democrat-held seat in New Hampshire into toss-up territory. 

Incumbent Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen has long maintained a healthy lead in that race, often by double digits, but a recent poll showed Brown — a former GOP senator himself — closing the gap significantly.