Romney Faults Obama for Immigration Crisis

Romney Faults Obama for Immigration Crisis

Mitt Romney appeared on WNYM’s “The Cats Round Table” with John Catsimatidis today and took on Barack Obama over domestic issues, including immigration. 

The President should have enforced our immigration laws from the very beginning. His announcement of a form of amnesty only encouraged people to continue to flood over the border. So the right answer, of course, is to secure our border and hopefully to put in a series of immigration policy reforms so that we can finally get our handle on this immigration mess. We can stop illegal immigration and also make the legal process more transparent and have one that meets the needs of America as opposed to simply is [sic] overwhelmed by individuals either storming the border or overstaying their visas.

As for recent events in Ferguson, MO, Romney seemed to play it safe and refrained from taking a side, except as regards the looting that went on, calling them the “clear bad guys.” At approximately 16:42 in Romney says we need more info to make a judgment about Officer Wilson with regard to the shooting death of Michael Brown.

Mitt also offered a pretty full-throated defense of Burger King: “If American companies are trying to get out of America, then something is wrong in America… if companies don’t want to be here, then companies aren’t gonna form here, either. They’re gonna go elsewhere to start.”