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AP Goes Along With The WH's Big Lie on Immigration Timing


The AP may not have trumpeted the political ramifications of Obama delaying executive action on immigration until after the mid-terms, but they were unable to completely ignore it, leading to these two incomprehensible, if not incoherent paragraphs within the AP copy.

By delaying, the White House weighed the benefits of acting now and running the risk of immigration getting blamed for any Democratic losses, especially in the Senate where Democratic control hangs in the balance. Among those considered most at risk were Democratic Sens. Mark Pryor of Arkansas, Mary Landrieu of Louisiana and Kay Hagan of North Carolina.

The competitive races in those various states mattered, rendering Obama’s decision-making a cynical and purely political act. Oh wait, never mind. They didn’t matter at all, or, well, maybe they did. Not even the White House on record appears to be sure.

Obama advisers were not convinced that any presidential action would affect the elections. But the officials said the discussions around timing grew more pronounced within the past few weeks.

Yes, that’s it, the politics didn’t matter, the discussion just grew more pronounced. So much for the AP and clarity when it comes to providing at least some cover for an increasingly unpopular and seemingly confused administration.


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